r o s s o t o  a r t  l l c


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   For many years I've admired abstract art, yet had never ventured into painting non-figurative work. I relied on the figurative elements for over thirty years to define the window of space, concept, and aesthetics, believing that the viewer would have an easier time relating to the story I wanted to tell.

   By entering into the realm of abstract painting I had to overcome my fear of the unknown and probability of failure.

   Allowing myself to work intuitively, spontaneously, & taking risk, I realized that the only real failure was not to allow myself a full & honest exploration in the infinite realm of creativity & expression.

   This abstract series represents what I cannot say in words. My hope is to create a space, a place for the viewer to explore the unfamiliar, and to question their own beliefs.

Artist statement


F I N E  A R T