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Reviews for Viewpoints

"It's not difficult upon first glance to recognize the empathy of words and images creatively merged with this work. Upon deeper exploration I found a sense of community or perhaps more on point, a connection to a soul community. I felt a kindred viewpoint of my own that that is simply seeing and conveying without the need for absolute certainty. William Rossoto's book, Viewpoints, is an enchanting book that offers an escape for the reader as well as an elegant display. It is a beautiful accomplishment."

Michael Colley

Artist/Writer - Author of, "The Code of the Third Millennium Warrior"

"William's words, images, and depth of heart, twist and turn with gentle persuasion on this journey of personal growth through hills and valleys in an odyssey of self realization. Soothing images, eloquent words, masked humor, disturbing tranquility, and hidden meanings are contained in this collection of poetry, short stories, and photographs. Viewpoints is tendered with compassion and a spirited intelligence that leaves me feeling like a child running free through an adventurous carnival of life. Enjoy the ride"

David Mendoza



Poetry, and Art

Fiction, Poetry, and Photography

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